Scaramucci: President Trump’s latest character?


Its only been 7 days, but Anthony Scaramucci has certainly made an impact. His entrance into the West Wing was welcomed by the resignation of Press Secretary Spicer, and since then, the new Communications Director, a love-child of Gordon Gekko and a sleazy second-hand car salesman, hasn’t been shy from cable news broadcasts and late night comedy fodder.

Scaramucci’s outburst to Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker against senior members of the administration, most notably Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, is just the most recent in a series of headline grabbing controversies plaguing this White House. You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking the new Communications Director wasn’t doing his job. But maybe he is…

In an administration that’s perceived as having become less House of Cards and more Veep if the cast were members of Sesame Street – colourful, incompetent muppets – Scaramucci is merely the latest character addition. But where others may see someone inept, whose mannerisms belong in a 1980s fictional stock exchange as opposed to the West Wing Press Room, I’d attest he knows his job is to be a distraction, and he’s doing it well so far.

Much like Trump’s poorly developed policy announcement over Twitter banning Transgender individuals from the military, Scaramucci’s antics seem to be part of a strategy by the President to divert attention from his most damning issues. Soft-ball controversies and easy jokes for the media to latch onto is the TV personalities best chance at surviving as POTUS. Throw enough mud at the wall and hope something will stick seems to be the aim of the White House Communications Department.

Trump is attempting to shift media focus away from his failures. His failure to meet the promises to his base (the aim to repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act falling flatter than The Emoji Movies Rotten Tomatoes score), and the exploration into Russian collusion during the 2016 election heating up, with Special Investigator Robert Muller looking into Trump’s business transactions and tax returns.

Trumps best case scenario is to hope the media doesn’t have enough time to cover all that his administration is failing to accomplish, and with the addition of a shiny new character to the living television series, It seems his strategy might just be working, for now.

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